Quick Start

Follow this guide for a quick start setup & installation instructions.

1. Unzip the Downloaded file #

Once you downloaded the template, you will see a zip file. Please unzip the template using your operating system's default option.

  • Windows - Extract Zip Files
  • Mac OS - Double click to unzip
  • Linux - Use Command line

2. Open in Code Editor #

Inside the ZIP, you can find two folders. One is a Help Docs which will give you access to this documentation (the one you are reading now) and then the main project folder. named like projectname-technology. eg: greenhome-next

Open this folder in your favorite code editor. We recommend VSCode. Now open terminal inside the IDE. (Ctrl + `) and run the command as shown in the next step.

3. Run Commands #

Next, we have to run some commands in the terminal to setup our newly downloaded template. Please choose one of the below guides based on your template framework.

Setup Eleventy Template #

If you have downloaded an eleventy template, please follow this steps or skip.

1. Install dependencies #

npm install

2. Build the project to generate the first CSS #

This step is only required the very first time.

npm run build

Run Eleventy #

npm run start

If everything's done correctly, you can find your website live at http://localhost:8080

Setup Next.js Template #

If you have downloaded a Next.js Template, please follow the steps below.

1. Install dependencies #


Run the Next.js server #

yarn dev

If everything's done correctly, you can find your website live at http://localhost:3000

Advanced Help #

Please follow the guides for setting up Sanity CMS & TailwindCSS