Follow this guide for a quick start setup & installation instructions.

1. Unzip the Downloaded file #

Once you downloaded the template, you will see a zip file. Please unzip the template using your operating system's default option.

  • Windows - Extract Zip Files
  • Mac OS - Double click to unzip
  • Linux - Use Command line

2. Open in Code Editor #

Inside the ZIP, you can find two folders. One is a Help Docs which will give you access to this documentation (the one you are reading now) and then the main project folder. named like projectname-technology. eg: greenhome-next

Open this folder in your favorite code editor. We recommend VSCode. Now open terminal inside the IDE. (Ctrl + `) and run the command as shown in the next step.

Cloning from Github (optional) #

If you prefer cloning the repo from github, you can follow these steps.

If you downloaded a Free Template, you can view the product description page or README to get the public github repo link.

Once you visited that github link, you can click on the "Fork" button to copy the repository to your account. Then you can clone the repo to your system using the below command,

# clone inside `my-project` folder
git clone my-project
# or clone in the same directory
git clone .

If you purchased a Paid Template, First,you have to request access to our Private Github Repo. Fill up this form to get instant access.

Once you have access, you can follow the steps mentioned above to clone the project.

3. Run Commands #

Next, we have to run some commands in the terminal to setup our newly downloaded template. Please choose one of the below guides based on your template framework.

Please follow the steps below.

1. Install dependencies #


Run the Next.js server #

yarn dev

If everything's done correctly, you can find your website live at http://localhost:3000

CMS Integration #

If you have downloaded a template which includes a CMS, Please follow the guides for setting up on Sanity CMS

CSS Customizations #

This template comes with TailwindCSS framework integration which is really easy to setup and customize. Read more on TailwindCSS Guide